Your specialist for CNC experts

Specialist for CNC Experts

We’re placing experienced CNC specialists in only permanent positions since 2012. This is important to us! Our specialization enables us to better understand your requirements and to support you with the needed advice. We believe only in this way we can help you to hire the most appropriate employees for your business and helps to grow our database of highly qualified and reliable CNC Experts more rapidly. Any candidate we´re putting forward will have come through our strict internal selection process.

Part of Factory 14

CNC-Experts is part of the Factory 14 Group. Factory 14 is a specialized Human Ressource Consulting and Advisory company based in Kreuzlingen / Switzerland. We offer vertical oriented recruitment solutions for the industrial and health care sector. We believe in very deep sector know how by our consultants.

Experienced professionals from all over Europe

Due to the lack of skilled workers in Germany, many companies are taking advantage of the opportunity and are looking for suitable workers in neighboring European countries. Thanks to the agreement of free movement of labour and people within the EU there are no bureaucratic hurdles, for employees to start working in Germany or somewhere in Europe. Many of our skilled workers already have experience working for international corporations or their local suppliers and the associated high international quality standards.


Our multi-stage selection process includes interviews and detailed questionnaires and practice-based programming tests. These test and interviews take place in the native language of the candidate. Only when a candidate has completed the process successfully, he will be added to our database. Through this detailed data collection, we are able to match your requirements with the skills of the candidates on a very detailed level and can introduce you to the right candidates.


As part of our selection process, we create detailed profiles for each individual candidate. These profiles give you a first picture of the candidate and skills. This includes his experience with controls, machine types, work pieces, quality assurance, materials, accuracies, programming skills, CAM experience and other additional qualifications. This allows us to offer you professionals who have the required knowledge and experience in detail.


Thanks to our industry know how, our careful selection process and the care we take to find a good match, we enjoy the trust of customers and CNC Experts throughout Europe. It is important for us, not only to bring together the right skill set with the right job, but also to find a personal fit. Only when employees and employers are satisfied with the cooperation, we create lasting value for our customers and experts. For this reason, we do NOT offer any temporary employment solution, nor we do work together with temporary employment agencies.

We support you at every step of the process

We support you at every Step

Our team of recruiting specialists will assist you during the entire search and employment process. Starting with the preparation of the requirement profiles, the selection of the candidates, translations, answering queries, facilitating of programming tests, coordination of trial work, organization of the arrival up to the housing search. At each of these steps, you will be accompanied by our team. So you can focus on your core business.

Non-binding Framework Agreement

As soon as you have concluded a non-binding framework agreement with us, we will discuss your requirement profiles with you in detail. We know what we can do, therefore, our compensation is due only in case of success and staggered.

Presentation of Candidates

We compare your requirement profiles with our database and present suitable candidates. If we do not have a suitable candidate available, we will commission search requests to our local teams. We recruit specialists from all over Europe and have recruiters in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Italy and Spain.

Trial Work

If you are interested in a candidate and would like to get to know him, we coordinate an appointment for the trial. Of course, if you have further questions about or to the candidate, we will clarify these in advance. Also subject tests, e.g. programming on base of your technical drawings. If you wish, you can have a Skype interview in advance. After the trial, you decide about the employment.