The Perfect Job for You

Your Perfect Job

You are looking for a new challenge as a CNC specialist and you are ready to move to Germany? We will find the perfect job that suits your skill set and ideas. For that we need a detailed record of your work experience and know how: which process technologies, controls, machines, tools, measuring instruments, quality assurance you have used, which work pieces and materials you have processed etc. We put together a complete picture of your work experience and take into accout your personal preferences. Based on this profile, we will introduce you to suitable positions. It is particularly important to us that you are not only successful in your new job, but also can be happy in your new environment.

Specialist for specialists

With our focus on CNC specialist, we are able to offer you the widest range of possibilities you will find at recruitment agencies. Over 500 vacancies and over 350 potential employers we work with enable us to make you attractive offers. In most cases, these are highly qualified jobs in the production of individual parts or prototypes with a high proportion of programming effort. But also experienced and qualified operators are searched. Nevertheless, it can sometimes take several months to find the right job for you. Therefore, contact us early for a first non-binding and absolute confidential conversation, if you are looking for a new challenge.

Selected companies

We work exclusively with companies that we consider to be trustworthy, competent and sustainable. This means we have references and we have collected background information. These are mostly German businesses that have been operating in the market for decades in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical, mold construction, quality assurance.

No temporary work

We place people in permanent positions only. The salary you earn is 100% yours (after tax and social security contributions). CNC-Experts receives only a one-off commission, paid by our client. Of course, the service is free for all professionals.

We do not leave you alone

It is especially important for us to accompany you during the whole process, also in your native language. We arrange presentation dates, trial work, help you with the journey and the search for accommodation. Also later we are available for you as a contact person.


If you want to work abroad, language is always an issue. Meanwhile, English is spoken in many companies. If this is not the case, language courses and colleagues help. If you are an experienced specialist, this is usually very fast. Nevertheless, our recommendation is to book a language course beforehand. We have often passed candidates without knowledge of German or English. Often you will find colleagues with your mother tongue in your new company.